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  • Yang Face - Massage Set
  • Yang Face - Massage Set

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The massage set is perfect for those who hold tension in their jaw and around their eyes. The roller’s larger head has a subtle spiky texture that can also help improve skin texture, while the pounder-shaped gua sha boards work well to massage out tightness around the face. Suitable for all skin types craving a facial massage.

Grade-A Rose Quartz Spiky roller, Two (2) “Pounder” gua sha tools, a silicone facial cup with 100% recyclable and water resistant Tyvek travel bag.


Introducing Yang Face by Dr. Paige Yang! 

Luxurious & Packable Traditional Chinese Facial Tools made with Grade A Rose Quartz  

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Why Yang Face?

Yang Face is determined to provide you with undiluted, unappropriated Chinese Facial Tools from a direct source.

What is Grade A rose quartz?

Grade A rose quartz refers to a 100% natural, high quality rose quartz that is free of dyes and other materials.

Why our products?

Yang Face’s manufacturer is the only ISO (International Organization for Standardization--inclusive of the FDA and cGMP) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified jade factory in China.

Does Grade A rose quartz matter?

Since Yang Face was founded by a TCM practitioner, our company understands the significance of pure and natural stones. Stones carry qi (气), an internal energy and life force.


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