The Rose Alchemista Cedar Rose Bath Soak

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  • The Rose Alchemista Cedar Rose Bath Soak
  • The Rose Alchemista Cedar Rose Bath Soak
  • The Rose Alchemista Cedar Rose Bath Soak

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Cedar Rose Bath Soak from Rose Alchemista

6 oz.

Heavenly rosy scent with cedar forest notes. Made with locally distilled western red cedar sourced from Ring Botanicals. A luxury bath soak to ease tension and worries with the lovely properties of rose and grounding essence of cedar. The cedar tips are locally & sustainably salvaged, and the rose buds are organic and locally sourced as well. You will want to savor this soak! Perfect for ritual bathing, romantic evenings at home and for an affirmation in self-love. An ode to both the goddess of love Aphrodite and the goddess of the woods Artemis.

Cedar is renowned for muscle tension, circulation and skin conditions. However it is advised to not use during pregnancy.  Rose has an ancient history of beautifying the skin, bringing harmony to the senses and promoting an atmosphere of love.  Salt itself is often uses for purification and protection spells.

Ingredients:  Epsom salts, coarse sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, rose petals, cedar tips, western red cedar essential oil, cedarwood essential oil and rose otto essential oil.


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